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The Fever


Jack Decker was exactly what Bex had been warned about by her mother. This was how a girl ended up in the fiery pits of the corners of hell reserved for perverts and carnal heathens, so she’d been told. It suddenly didn’t seem like such a bad place to be, if it was Jack Decker who led her there.

Gossip. Dirty dancing. Prejudice. Milkshakes spiked with whiskey.

It’s 1961 and no one knows it just yet, but a family from California is about to throw the entire town of Settler’s Mill into upheaval. The fierce and spirited Bex Wakefield will face the biggest fight of her life when the town turns on Jack Decker, an up-and-coming boxer. As for Jack, he’ll never see the knockout coming when Bex steps into his life.

What’s a girl to do when people would rather believe the lurid tales flying around town than the truth?


  • 82931 words
  • About 332 pages
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