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The Eslion's Protector: Book One


Everything begins with a girl named Clover, whose life changes when she uncovers the truth. This truth is that she is secretly from another race/dimension. This other race are called Eslion’s, and they inherit supernatural powers. It is the Eslion’s purpose to save all life as an attempt to keep an evil force at bay. As Clover finds her true heritage, she and others similar to her, travel the world to try and save it. It seems like an easy task, as they have superpowers to help guide the way, but Clover and her friends soon find it a hard task. There's more at stake than what they originally thought. Such as their lives. This is partly due because of a secret organization which has it set on wiping every Eslion out of existence. With this in play, It truly does become a struggle for both Clover and her companions.


  • 69304 words
  • About 277 pages
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