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The Earl's Purpose


The Earl’s Purpose tells the story of Princess Nia Onie, of Lioni, a vast African kingdom. Nia’s mother is a relative of the Royal Family of Great Britain, and her parents are determined to solidify the relationship between Lioni and the British Monarchy, by having her marry a member of the British Aristocracy.

This is not Nia’s first visit to London. The previous year, she made the journey, and was engaged straight away. Alas, her engagement was short-lived. Her fiancé accepted a large sum of money, offered by Nia’s family, to end the engagement. Believing herself to be unworthy and unpleasing, and being besmirched unmercifully by the press, she returned to Lioni.

After a year of sulking, and maturing, Nia returned to London. Bold, smart and headstrong, Is this her chance to find happiness? What will her future hold?


  • 84513 words
  • About 338 pages
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