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The Immortal Game


An exiled goddess goes on a quest to clear her name and save Mount Olympus.

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Swoon Index

  • Heat

    5 (9 ratings)

  • Tears

    5 (7 ratings)

  • Laughs

    5 (9 ratings)

  • Thrills

    7 (9 ratings)

Full Description

When Mount Olympus is set ablaze, the Olympians accuse Galene, daughter of Poseidon, and sentence her to exile. As she leaves her home, she fears that she will never clear her name nor see her fellow gods and goddesses again.

But when her best friend boldly defies the Olympians and joins her, it opens the way for more to follow. Soon Galene is not only accompanied by Ihanna, but by a group of young gods determined to help her clear her name.

Together, they discover another plot against Mount Olympus—and this time, they know who’s really behind it all. To save their home for good, they must battle monsters, solve riddles, and convince the Olympians to prepare for war.


Galene approached the sunlight, the empty battle ground stretching before her, the stands packed with spectators. With one last breath, she slid her scimitar free of its sheath and stepped into the arena.

The god and goddesses of Olympus roared, ready for a fight, hoping for a victory. In a secluded space to the right, the twelve Olympians watched her closely. Valiantly trying to ignore them, she narrowed her eyes, trying to see the shadow that stirred behind the bars at the opposite end of the stadium.

She commanded her legs to stop shaking. She had trained for this.

A loud groan and a screech of metal sounded as the gate slowly began to rise. The crowd quickly stilled. The gate kept rising, but nothing had emerged yet. The monster must be huge.

The gate ground to a stop. There was a pause, and then she heard a snort as something pushed its way into the midday sun.

Razor sharp tusks gleamed. Thick, armor-like skin was coated with stiff bristles. Small, glaring eyes locked on her.

A Calydonian Boar.

A ripple of shock sounded through the stands, and Galene’s heart pounded as she sank into a crouch. The Boar must have stood at least eight feet tall.

It flung its long snout to the heavens, bellowing a harsh squeal that rang in her ears.

Breathe, Galene. In and out. Calm and steady. Despite her thoughts, her heart pounded in her ears as the beast lowered its oversized tusks, pounded the ground once with its front hoof, then charged.



“Such a thrill to experience, and so creative. This is a keep you up way too late kind of read. I literally could not put it down!” —Heather

“Amazing read! A complete story through and through with thoughtfully built characters in the main five.” —codyjohnwalker

“Oh my goodness! This was an absolutely fantastic story that was enjoyable 100%!” —CarleyMund

“It starts off quick-paced and engaging and has elements of mystery, adventure, and even romance.” –JLSaunders