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The Dream Diary


On Jane’s seventeenth birthday, she receives a book from her grandmother – a diary that’s been passed down in Jane’s family for nine generations. Cool, if you like old books. Jane doesn’t even like new ones, unless it’s a sketchbook – and after suffering through a crappy early childhood, the last thing she wants to do is learn more about her family’s past.

But this diary is different; it contains her ancestors’ dreams. Great-Grandma Sara’s dreams in particular are straight out of a horror movie and, as Jane discovers, may possibly be predicting events in Jane’s life. Like the time she and her Mom arrived at an accident scene before the accident happened. Or the time Jane’s boyfriend took her on a date to see a bunch of dead bodies. Which leads Jane to wonder: does one of these dreams predict her own death?


  • 69155 words
  • About 277 pages
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