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the dream catchers


If you had told Cassandra Hayes a year ago that she'd be going to hell, she would've probably believed you. She'd look at you, with that 'fresh out of juvie' glow on her face and say something similar to, "Thanks for reminding me, asshole."
No one can talk like Cassandra can. Some might call her manipulative, but she prefers to simply call herself very eloquent. She was very eloquent when she had to explain to her therapist why she killed her father at eight. She was very eloquent when she had to convince her parole officer that drinking at sixteen is not that terrible. She isn't so very eloquent now, however, when at eighteen her best friend decides to reveal he isn't who she thinks he is.

part one of the pandemonium series


  • 70801 words
  • About 283 pages
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