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The Darkest of Them All Faye Aden


For as long as she has known Saskia has heard mythic tales of the Black Mirror, and its wish-granting properties. Her desperation to save her father forces her to seek out the mirror unknowing that the magic it possesses will trap her sister in a deep sleep. To save her sister Saskia must travel all the way to the Imperial Palace at the court of the Ice Vales to discover the secret to awakening her sister straight from the mirror itself.

But with her arrival at court Saskia is drawn into a political battle with the leader of the religious faction of her home nation Zahset, a curiously, beautiful man named Fox who has the answers to saving her sister. But to save her sister she must follow Fox’s political agenda, as he seeks to manipulate all those around him and commit actions that make her question the lines between good and evil


  • 70574 words
  • About 282 pages
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