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The Dark Files Book One: The Grim Menagerie


Jack Walsh and Neema Day have been friends for long as they can remember. Jack is the handsome, popular captain of the soccer team, and Neema is a gutsy brain who marches to the beat of her own drum. Their story begins in the Upper West Side of New York, where Jack's eccentric Aunt Marie is a Professor, specializing in witchcraft and the history of magic. When Aunt Marie mysteriously goes missing, Jack and Neema are determined to find her. Using The Dark Files, a mysterious collection of evidence of paranormal phenomena gathered by Aunt Marie as a trail of bread crumbs, they follow a twisted path to a haunted and deadly forest. Will their love for each other, and Aunt Marie be enough to combat the sinister forces whispering in the trees? Will they find Aunt Marie before The Dark claims her for its own? Read on to find out.


  • 58336 words
  • About 233 pages
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