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The Cobweb Kids


When 17 year old Finley Parker is diagnosed with the Ruber infection, a virus claiming only children marking them with red webs and superpowers, she is certain of one thing. Today is the worst day of her life. Forced to leave her family behind, she will need to move into the Panacea Institute for two years to complete the Program. While learning to control her symptoms, she finds herself falling for the one person she's not allowed to fall for: Liam, a young handsome soldier.

But the real problems begin when a student dies mysteriously inside the institute. As Finley searches for the truth leading her down a dark path, she fears Panacea behind it. And worse, she’s afraid Liam knows more than he's letting on.

Who do you turn to when everyone's a suspect? And what do you do when you're trapped inside with every single one of them?


  • 113002 words
  • About 452 pages
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