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The Buddies Rule


Bree Hendly's life had never been truly complicated. She had her father, her best friend Chase, and her writing to keep her sane.

But the second Lewis Doolan and Alan Green inserted themselves into her life, she knew things would change. Her best friend and secret crush begins to pull away, only for her to find out that Alan also holds a hidden love for her... Or so Lewis says.

With this new knowledge of love under the two's belts, Bree and Lewis must find a way to keep these bubbling feelings hidden, or it could cost them the best friendships of their lives. Their solution? Create a rule, one that prohibits any and all relationships outside the friend zone.

Though even if Bree and Lewis think they have things all figured out, Chase and Alan each have a plan of their own; One that includes capturing Bree's heart for themselves.


  • 65661 words
  • About 263 pages
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