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The Boy with the Broken Heart


Timmy Roberts loves two things – riddles and Star Wars. Erin Stamp learns this about him when she first meets him during his stay at The Ninth. Timmy has messy black hair and dark, brooding eyes which you could easily drown in. He’s the kind of guy Erin has always wanted to meet.

But Timmy is dying. He’s laid up in The Ninth Hospice, or as he jokingly calls it ‘the last stop.’ Erin’s spending her sixteenth summer doing work experience at The Ninth. Come September she’ll be starting college and taking a step towards her dream of becoming a nurse.

All Timmy wants is to live long enough to see the new Star Wars movie. That and to kiss a girl. And Erin becomes determined to help him fulfil both those dreams, no matter the odds which are stacked against them.


  • 49654 words
  • About 199 pages
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