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The Beginning - A Journey of Love


This is part-one of the prequel to The Call trilogy (see my blog for info on the first 3 traditionally published books: Part two will be posted on SwoonReads when the book is completed! You don't need to have read the trilogy to enjoy this story.

A love story unfolds.
Joakin and Katriel grew up in Eavan, fell in love, and had a beautiful family together. But a prophecy was spoken, and revealed a destiny which set the sights of the most evil being in all of Sunlee on them.

A war begins.
Alliances are formed, battles are fought, and Joakin and Katriel do what needs to be done in the name of love. Separated by a gateway between worlds, they fight for the cause of good, and struggle to protect their family and bring an end to the evil that threatens their homeworld and every single person they love.


  • 100874 words
  • About 403 pages
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