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The Bad Nerd Boy [TBNB]


Does love really conquer all?

Opposite attracts and that's what happens when a Canadian nerd, Tyler Vincent, meets Queen Bee, Autumn Summers. Autumn has a twisted past, one that turns her bitter, and Tyler isn't just a regular nerd, he's one with vengeance, a mission to avenge his past.

When Autumn and her friends start getting mean pranks and threat, what will he do? Will he choose her over his revenge? Will she forgive him if she knows what he has done? And most importantly, who on earth is this Villain X, a mysterious person behind all of this?

#nobullying #beyourself #youarenotalone #breakthestatusquo #toughlifemaketougherperson

-caution: this story contains mild swearing-


  • 100085 words
  • About 400 pages
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