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The Author of Neraida


Words have power.

When a writer writes a story, that world appears in another realm that not just anybody can reach. Except for me, Aura Kalysta, who discovered that I wield an ancient power that's a secret to mankind - I'm an Author, meaning that I can access the world of my novel, a world of faeries called Neraida. After a dangerous encounter with terrifying, otherworldly monsters, I got transported to Neraida, and there I discovered an even more shocking secret - I'm also the main character of my novel, and it's been reversed to the very beginning. I now need to go on the journey that my main character did, finding my other characters and stealing back a magical item from the tyrannical Winter King in order to save Neraida... only if it doesn't get destroyed first.


  • 96181 words
  • About 385 pages
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