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The Art of Making Stars


The podcast started as a desperate attempt to get an A in Advanced Media Tech, but it ended up changing the way food-obsessed-chef-wannabe Brontë Green would spend the summer before her senior year. She wasn’t supposed to get a job at winery restaurant, Fourth Farmhouse, working with her dream chef, Margaret Evelyn Todd. And she wasn’t supposed to develop a major crush on her classmate, Juan Ramirez, as they worked together as wait staff at the winery. And he probably was definitely NOT supposed to fall in love with her either…

Brontë’s summer is complicated: navigating the uncertain waters of first crush, being teenagery and angsty about the birth of a new sibling and putting her trust into a new friendship. But when the kitchen turns cutthroat and Juan’s dreams are crushed by racism, Brontë has to decide who she really wants to be.


  • 73684 words
  • About 295 pages
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