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The Absence of Light


When Lex, a poor, lonely conservative young man meets Lucy, a vibrant, wealthy women’s rights activist in college, they strike up an unlikely friendship, only to have their relationship torn apart by politics, dishonesty and global events.

Years later, their paths reconvene, leaving Lex to question his supposedly perfect life and the choices he’s made over the years, only to discover the dark places your soul can lead you when you have no light to guide you. He is forced to decide whether to continue down his current path of destruction or to change his course to align with Lucy’s.

Their heart breaking story provides an in-depth portrayal of being catapulted into adulthood during an on-going period of intense political polarization and how to important it is to accept love where you can—even when it comes from unexpected places.


  • 45337 words
  • About 181 pages
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