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Test of Health


Clara Hofbrincl was heading home one day, when she stumbled across a bus. Thinking it would take her home she hopped on. Little did she know the bus was driving her to The Wickier Village.
The Wickier Village is a village only accessible by descendants of the Founders. On the outskirts of the village she meets Ben Tathers. He descends from the original founder. His Grandmother is the Elder of the village. Ben along with other teenagers from the village bring Clara into the village. There she must complete tests to see if she is allowed to stay in the village.
Along with taking the tests, she must also deal with the wary eyes of the villagers, who are scared of her. Being one of two known Allsiders, and the other one slightly insane. She must deal with the weight of the evil Elder's hate.


  • 58981 words
  • About 236 pages
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