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Ten Thousand Miles Away


This is a coming-of-age novel about love, loss, and the human capacity for survival. There are 2 main characters: an imaginative teenager named Julie who develops an exotic mental disorder, and her brother, Wolfgang, who struggles, first for his survival, and then against the intangible, but no less real, walls put up by his sister.

The novel opens with 11-year-old Julie discovering she's lost her family in a plane crash. They eke out a living halfway across the world as she gradually comes to terms with her loss, and by the time they return home, the reunion does not go as hoped.

In his attempts to reach out to his sister, Wolfgang finds himself sucked up by her quest to find the long lost love of a man whose crippling and mysterious memory loss has left him trapped in the year 1968


  • 111325 words
  • About 445 pages
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