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Telestic (Transcendent Trilogy Book 2)


"We're living ghosts with superpowers fighting a supernatural war that has been predicated since the beginning of time. Yeah, I'd say this is on the spectrum of possibilities."

"This is war."
"No, this is personal."

Finding out who killed Matty was always her goal. When she finally discovered who ran him off the road - she thought her journey was finally over. That she could leave Willoughby, California for good.
She thought wrong.
Matty dying opened a whole new world with more secrets. The life she had always known had finally flipped over; and now people are turning to her for guidance and reassurance.
She's nowhere close to being finished with the town. Now there's a war and she's the only one that can lead it.

Now she was venture further into the world unknown and discover more secrets.


  • 47076 words
  • About 188 pages
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