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Tales of the INC


Seconds after Adrienne Gray witnesses her father’s dusty portraited demise, her name appears on the Grim Reaper Lucky’s list. A failed attempt at vengeance, a rescue, and a series of traveling mishaps later, Adrienne is taken to the INC, where Lucky can’t erase her name.

When Adrienne is gifted with eternity in the INCs’ endless hall, she’s given an espionage starter pack: hearing the tales of an angel’s claustrophobic love life, former portrait portrait hopping assassins, and a sorceress's royally extravagant un-true lie. She experiences a love paralyzed in time, leading her to trick a soul-retrieving doctor.

Angry he can’t remove Adrienne’s name off his list, Lucky captures Adrienne every three years, coercing her to travel through seven alternate reality doors.

Will she escape Lucky's list? Or will she succumb to mortality?


  • 108324 words
  • About 433 pages
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