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Take me to the Deepest Blue


Every mermaid and merman has a chance of becoming temporarily human, before ultimately choosing between the deep waters and the land up above. Narya, a young mermaid, surfaces in hopes of finding out where she truly belongs. On her first night as a human, she accidentally stumbles across Nick and Louise in the Bahamas. Mistaking them for her support group that consisted of past merpeople, she manages to keep her identity secret after discovering her error in time. Nick shies away from the ocean ever since a tragic incident in the past. When Narya appears, nostalgia and inexplicable familiarity gnaws away at him, rendering him a prey to her charms. A spark of romance between Narya and Nick also puts her in a dilemma. Is she willing to risk everything she held dear for a human? Is love enough for a mermaid to survive on dry land?


  • 73373 words
  • About 293 pages
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