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Take a Little Ride: Cai Perry's Big Adventure


Cai Perry hadn't planned on taking a road trip the summer after graduation. But when her parents announce the upcoming arrival of a new baby, she knows her days of being an over-privileged only child are numbered. The road trip was her neighbor's idea. Drew Malaney doesn't want to go to college and play football. All he wants to do is get out of town to escape his dad. When Cai gets a car for graduation, he sees his opportunity and convinces her a road trip is what she needs before she's condemned to college life.
As the miles rack up and the states fly by, Cai starts to understand why there are worse things in the world than a baby brother or sister. She's not sure that going home will be the problem anymore. But letting go of Drew might be.


  • 69033 words
  • About 276 pages
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