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Sweetly & Scientifically


Reyna Winters, a girl crazy about Skittles, is as colorful and bright as her hair. She is also failing chemistry. Her teacher gives her a second chance in the form of a written test that only one other student has passed so far.

Wesley Black, a boy crazy about chemistry, is known at school as The White Coat Freak. He's never seen without a lab coat on and spends a lot of time in a mysterious supply closet.

Reyna needs his help if she has any hope of passing the test. With his stoic and sometimes sarcastic personality, working together becomes a bigger challenge than getting through a day without her favorite candy. She begins to see another side to Wesley and wants to know more about him. Together they learn about a different kind of chemistry. That is, if Wesley can survive her best friend and over-protective brother...


  • 82494 words
  • About 330 pages
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