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Super Nobody


If the sole goal at your new school is trying to hide the freakish fact you have superpowers, then saving the life of the most popular senior aka star quarterback Austin McKay who's practically town royalty, probably isn’t the best idea.

So, avoiding Austin like a flesh-eating plague is #1 in Blake Ashley's rulebook. But it’s a tad hard to avoid someone you're forced to work with on a group project worth half your grade. And even harder when that same someone's a cocky pathological flirt who’s Greek God gorgeous with a smile that could melt the ice caps.

But even Superman couldn't resist falling for Lois Lane, and Blake's fallen hard for Austin. Now, she will need to decide which is more important for her to protect: her secret or her heart. Because no hero gets both.


  • 76405 words
  • About 306 pages
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