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Sumner's Wall


Hundreds of years ago they built Sumner's Wall to protect themselves and save humanity when the men and the women fought each other to the death. They were told the wall was built to protect them and now the men are extinct, nothing more than a memory drifting with the wind.

16-year-old Alcerna Helvetius lives in the mountains enjoying her simplistic existence and worshiping the Gods that rule in the sky above her. But there's trouble in paradise when centuries old secrets become unburied.

One evening she wonders too far to the remains of the deteriorating Sumner's Wall that now protects them from the unstable world ravaged by disease and famine. Until she is trapped under fallen debris. Too far from home for anyone to hear her cries for help she's sure she'll die until a God saves only it isn't a God.

It's a man.


  • 48443 words
  • About 194 pages
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