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The Midnight Dance


When the music ends, the dance begins.

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Swoon Index

  • Heat

    7 (14 ratings)

  • Tears

    7 (14 ratings)

  • Laughs

    7 (14 ratings)

  • Thrills

    8 (10 ratings)

Full Description

Seventeen-year-old Penny is a lead dancer at the Grande Teatro, a finishing school where she and eleven other young women are training to become the finest ballerinas in Italy. Tucked deep in the woods, the school is overseen by the mysterious and handsome young Master, who keeps the girls ensconced in the estate—and in the only life Penny has ever known.

But when flashes of memories—memories of a life very different from the one she thinks she’s been leading—start to appear, Penny begins to question the Grande Teatro and the motivations of Master. With a kind and attractive kitchen boy, Cricket, at her side, Penny vows to escape the confines of her school and the strict rules that dictate every step she takes. But at every turn, Master finds a way to stop her, and Penny must uncover the secrets of her past before it’s too late.


The doors to the room were suddenly thrown open. The piano stopped midnote, and Madame startled upright. The girls bounded out from the wings and everyone scurried forward. In unison they all dropped into a curtsy. Even Madame.

Penny and Ana were the only ones left standing upright, but at least Ana realized her mistake and dipped down, a second behind the rest. Penny glanced around, her forehead creased in confusion, and wondered if someone had forgotten to tell her the rules to a game. Then her gaze slipped to the door and settled on the figure standing there.



"Deliciously dark and twisty, taking you on a luscious ride." —Suzanne Lazear, author of the Aether Chronicles series

"The Midnight Dance has a Gothic, Jane Eyre weightiness to it that also calls to mind The Twelve Dancing Princesses. ... Fast paced and compelling." —Cracking the Cover

"Haunting and mysterious, yet swoony and seductive. ... If you like historical fiction novels with romance and some slightly creepy sci-fi elements, check out this book!" —The Eater of Books