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Stow Away


Stow Away is a young adult action/adventure coming of age novel. The story begins when Benjamin Holt, the 13-year-old main character takes (unbeknownst to him) the first steps into an adventure that will change his life forever, mistaken for a thief at one of New York City’s many fruit markets. Benjamin becomes a stowaway on the tramp steamer the U. S. S. Alexandria bound for the wilds of Africa to escape the cities cops hot on his tail. The young boy must figure out how to survive and make a place for himself among a ship full of rough and tough men of the sea, a treasure hungry sea captain, and a bitter first mate who despises him the moment he comes aboard. Abraham, the ship’s cook, and Jacob, the ship’s first-officer, befriend Ben. Through many tries and failures, Ben discovers he can be more than some streetwise kid. In the end, he m


  • 135436 words
  • About 542 pages
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