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Sticky Situation


There's a wall in a coffee shop in a small town that is solely dedicated for posting the customer's thoughts and messages. You can just grab a post it, write whatever you want and put it up the wall. The best thing about it? It's anonymous.

Riley is a thinker. She likes to write down her thoughts and feelings and post it on The Wall. She's been doing it for years. But the summer she comes back to her mother's hometown and visits her favorite coffee shop she's surprised to see that The Wall is gone and so were her messages.

What's worse? Her very personal thoughts, feelings and dreams were popping up all over the town - in twitter, IG and even used as lyrics to songs.

What should she do? Should she own up to it and risk people judging her for what she wrote or just let it be and keep herself safe under the guise of anonymity?


  • 43438 words
  • About 174 pages
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