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Lilly Alvarado is a writer. You won't see her without a notebook and something to write with. She's a very cynical person and mostly keeps to herself. But that changes when Justin Grey enters her life.

Justin is charming, outgoing, and friends with everyone. He's a nice guy you know you can trust and ask anything of. When he sets his sights on Lilly; nothing can deter him.

With Justin and his friends, Lilly finds out the true meaning of friendship and the benefits of letting people get close. She discovers that perhaps falling in love again won't end in ruin and heartbreak.

But Lilly is afraid that these relationships may be temporary. All she wants is for the people she loves in her life to stay, and Justin claims that he's not going anywhere. Can he earn her trust? And what if one lie has the capacity to ruin her new reality?


  • 93713 words
  • About 375 pages
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