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Star Water - Part 1 - Silver Rain (Revised)


Star Water – Part 1 – Silver Rain

Merleena Valraevan is streetwise, for a sixteen year old. She's been around the block, or more accurately, she's familiar with the Strip and all areas in Las Vegas, her hometown since childhood. But Sin City means more than glitter and grit to the Valraevan family – it was their livelihood, their life. When they inherit an orchard and an old farmhouse in Summerland B.C. Canada, Merleena is more than happy to make the move, eager to leave behind those who betrayed her. Possibly the damage done is not to be undone – ever – but Owen Mycroft enters her life and opens new worlds of possibilities. He's hot, beautiful, English, a mesmerizing lead guitarist of a local band…and he's appears to be a sorcerer of the highest degree.


  • 61321 words
  • About 245 pages
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