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Star Water - Book One Sweet Sorcerer


When Merleena, age 16, moves with her family from Las Vegas, Nevada to Summerland BC Canada she encounters Owen, an unusual English teenage boy who plays guitar in a local band. He's hot and talented - she's drawn to him instantly - it's love at first sight for both, a smoldering connection. His kisses are from worlds too deep to talk about. All elements at play are like reflections in a perfectly cut jewel and although Owen is a talented, powerful sorcerer he can't protect Merleena from warlock rivals all the time - they're attracted to all things shiny! The Farley coven is wannabe warlocks who need spells to sell to finance their drug addictions - but the murderous Blacklords are their leaders who won't hesitate to destroy all in their path, including Merleena, for profit and greed.


  • 60720 words
  • About 243 pages
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