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Spinning Tales, Spinning Truth


In the kingdom of Evander, magic is a myth. There are stories told of a time when sorcerers and curses and fairies were real, but no one truly believes them. Until Evander's young Prince Reggie starts to see visions of a sleeping princess in an old scrying pool.

For ten years, Reggie is plagued with unanswerable questions: Who is the sleeping princess? Where did she come from? Why is she asleep? And why can Reggie see her in the pool if magic no longer exists?

When the vision changes, and the princess cries out for Reggie's help, he embarks on a quest to find the sleeping beauty and rescue her from whatever curse holds her captive. But some things are easier said than done, and some stories are best forgotten, and Reggie soon finds himself fighting not just to free the princess, but to escape the quest with his life.


  • 72629 words
  • About 291 pages
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