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Something New is a story of two high school seniors, Owen and Tatiana. Tatiana is a high school senior, serious about her future career in journalism. Her big plans for the next four years don't include a serious boyfriend.
Owen meets Tati and despite her prickliness and hostility towards him, he can't seem to stay away. Once he discovers Tati was the hot girl he met one night at a dance club, the one he shared sizzling kisses and heated moments with, he can't seem to back off. After all, Owen loves the chase and a guy has his pride.
Tati doesn't know what to do with Owen's disruption in her perfectly planned life. Her feelings towards him scare her, and she is torn between getting to Owen a whole lot better, or keeping him in the friend zone. Will Tati be brave enough to chance of being burned or will she remain the ice queen?


  • 45853 words
  • About 183 pages
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