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Someday, Just Not Today


18-year-old Lynda Fan sets out for Manhattan as soon as she graduates high school to escape her strict Chinese immigrant parents. Instead of starting her first semester of college, she's balancing two part-time jobs and running errands for her roommate in exchange for free rent. This isn't the future she envisioned, but at least she's free from her parents.

When Eric Song, a boy from Chinese Sunday School, reenters her life after two years, memories of having been bullied from 7th to 9th grade come rushing back, reopening old wounds. At Eric's initiation, Lynda takes the first step toward reconciling her resentment toward him while also rediscovering her love for art. She knows within her heart she wants to go to art school, but the pain spurred from her callous upbringing bleeds into her propensity to overthink and doubt herself.


  • 60434 words
  • About 242 pages
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