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Siren's Daughter


Natasha has the life most people dream of, on a small, isolated island in the Bahamas, where the weather is always perfect and a staff caters to her every need. She and her little sister, Abby, should be the happiest girls in the world. Except neither of them can remember what their lives were like before two weeks ago. When a strange, beautiful boy comes to stay with them, he triggers Natasha's memories of a crumbling life in New York City, along with a terrifying truth: Abby isn't her sister, but a girl she confessed to kidnapping on national TV. Now she wants to make things right, but she doesn't know if she can turn to the father who's been lying to her. It becomes clear that everyone on the island is in his power, perhaps even the new tutor's mysterious son, whom she can't help but crush on even if he'll betray her too.


  • 70831 words
  • About 283 pages
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