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Signs, Predictions, Kurt Cobain, and Me


Avery Mitchell gets signs from the Universe, mostly via license plates, sometimes through light bulbs and song lyrics. Sometimes messages get muddled. Right now, she’s desperate to find her missing older sister, Tessa, who left home five months ago addicted to pain pills, which shattered Avery's once-together family. After getting a disturbing message, she begs the Universe for help. Seconds later, she walks head-on into a cardboard cutout of Kurt Cobain—and then meets the real Kurt (actually, it’s her new neighbor named after him). Now she knows she’s on to something big. Maybe. Soon, she and Kurt form a friendship, and then something a little more, and with his help, along with the help of a psychic in their small town of Port Jefferson, NY, Avery gets the answers she's been searching for. But things aren’t at all what she expected.


  • 87945 words
  • About 352 pages
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