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The Warriors of Varshika


It is 1100 AD and the kingdom is Central india's Varshika. A Prince rules this kingdom along with his father. He meets the love of his life accidentally. He was powerful, not by birth, but by deeds. He was blessed by the Sun God and was made capable of conquering India. But probably life is not that easy, especially for a Prince. He meets Karma, who warns him that in order to achieve his dream of becoming all powerful, reviving Varshika and conquering the country, one of the tasks that he would need to do is to kill his own wife. Who is this Karma? How true were his words? Will the Prince really follow what he says? Is he also like the other rulers who are blinded by power? Will a ruler, who was never afraid to follow what his own Karma showed him all his life, be afraid of following it this one time? A gripping tale of adventures.


  • 60502 words
  • About 242 pages
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