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Severed Kingdom


The Crimson Wisp is a group of assassins. They are shocked when one of their members, Dione, leaves the assembly in search of love. Things only worsen, when an Ore falls from the sky and stirs up every tribe in the kingdom. They all want it, each with a different theory on what it is: an ingredient to a youth potion, a warning from the gods, or a mighty entity that grants desires.

The Crimson Wisp tries to stay out of things, but they are hired to murder Dione, who had found love with the leader of another tribe. Despite their history, the Crimson Wisp is obliged to accept the assignment. But when the assassination goes awry, the kingdom tumbles into mayhem. From being forced to strike a deal with backstabbing pirates, to killing one’s own sister for power. Who will claim the Ore? And will the power of love be enough to save a life?


  • 73360 words
  • About 293 pages
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