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Section B


It's senior year and Elyse just wants to make it through with her best friend Cori by her side. However, Cori has a different idea: get Elyse to date as many guys as she can until she finds a boyfriend. Motivated to find someone for her best friend so that they can double date, Cori arranges for Elyse to be the very first high school bachelorette.

But love is not found in the most likely of places. Her entire life, Elyse has sworn off boys who play sports. With a father who coaches professional hockey, Elyse knows what can happen when you date a boy who loves his sport more than he loves you. That doesn't stop her from falling for Wes Yates.

Now Elyse must deal with Cori's disappointment that she's not dating someone from her list, her own worries about breaking her own rules, and all the usual senior year stresses.


  • 64358 words
  • About 257 pages
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