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Secondhand Fate


Oli's life hasn't been easy. Since her parents split, she's lived with her useless brother, a fading skateboard legend, and delivered pizzas to pay the bills. Now she's a Senior, and her tight group of skater friends are starting to make plans beyond their Oklahoma town. Oli has no plans, no prospects, and no confidence.

Autumn's life hasn't been easy either. A gifted dancer, she knows what it means to have big dreams, and how easily you can push yourself too far.

When Oli and Autumn meet, their connection is immediate. Autumn's drive inspires Oli to start imagining the lives she could have, the possibilities that she can seize for herself. But when Autumn's ambition--and her past--comes between them, will Oli be able to hold on to the new, powerful person she has become?


  • 72002 words
  • About 288 pages
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