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Arden Erdos’ priorities are challenged minutes after encountering Emery Thomas, a fearless outcast with a gorgeous face who left something behind. Bittersweetly, it’s not just his good looks that distract her but the fact that he predicts her impending death the first chance they meet. With this threat looming Arden attempts to find solace in her studies, but unbearable brushes with death -and Emery- continue as he tries to save her and she tries to stay away.

The twisted threads of Arden’s life begin to unravel more as she discovers that her dad has secrets of his own tied to confiscated research and an undisclosed job. In the midst of these revelations, and true to Emery’s prediction, Arden finds herself in the hospital, and this time quite possibly for good.


  • 60047 words
  • About 240 pages
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