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Rockin Rolin Rolpa


Provides contrast between American and Nepalese culture form an American's eye when he unwantingly heads towards Rolpa, Nepal. There are few incidents where he almost pulls out --breaking the deal, but finally makes it with a Nepali companion who provides him moral, emotional, linguistic support. Jorney to Rolpa is very horrific, and at the same time very entertaining. It is filled with laughter, cries, depression, humor, and many other aspects. There are characters in Rolpa, which drives the American guy crazy putting him in dilemma about leaving the rockin rolin place. He decides to return to his country leaving many emotions, desires, hopes, dreams etc. behind, but he could not make it yet. Anyways, in climax, he is left to make a bold decision that can change his life.



  • 102896 words
  • About 412 pages
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