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Returning Faerydom-Chronicle II "Embracing Legend"


In this breath snatcher, newlyweds Caelan, and Aidan relocate to Hawai'i for a quiet new life when druid magic shows up again and is up to its old tricks. One day, Caelan is casually sipping coffee on her lanai when handsome leprechaun, Conn falls from the sky and his shillelagh lands at her feet! Before she can gather her wits, magic lures swiftly and whisks Caelan and Aidan away to Tir na nOg where they lay claim to throne of "Fae King and Queen", then become separated and must find their ways back into each others arms. Meanwhile, Caelan must discern between good intentions and treason when push comes to shove, and quickly excel at learning magic so that she may rescue what is lost and find what has been taken from her. Only problem is...time is brutal. It may be too late.


  • 96194 words
  • About 385 pages
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