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Returning Faerydom-Chronicle I "Once upon a Wraithlike Tree"


Almost starlet, actress Caelan Holloway must walk away from the only dream she's ever had. Sometimes the only way to get everything is to give up everything. A compelling and spiritually mysterious pulling lures her back home to Michigan, where she meets the perfect guy, Aidan, who becomes her magical destiny. Then, while traveling through the uncharted backroads of Ireland, Aidan proposes, and all chaos breaks open. Curiosity lurks at every corner, and the question is begged: Should they be leery or faery intervention? For, undeniably, a Celtic tea of mischief is brewing-scalding hot! It continuous to brew, and fate will have its twist landing them in a thicket of conundrums until they can wake up and smell the magic. Recognize! Faith must trump logic for fate to reveal itself.


  • 81984 words
  • About 328 pages
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