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Remember This Rebecca Monaco


Teens Adrien and Kaleo join up with spunky heiress Christina and too-serious Isaac on a journey to find their missing families and memories. Along the way, they find themselves chosen by a proclaimed goddess to seek out and awaken her dormant angel, whose power can change the world - for better or worse.

What starts out as a simple, if unimaginable, task soon becomes a fight for survival as vindictive bandits stalk their every move, searching for the angel so they can use his power for themselves.

The teens must battle unfamiliar landscapes, persistent bandits, their own memories, and growing affections on their path - but will they find the angel in time? Will they all make it out alive? Unsure if their personal struggles will be their undoing, all they can do is trudge forward... and hope.


  • 84301 words
  • About 337 pages
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2 comments on "Remember This"

Rebecca Monaco on Aug. 12, 2017, 12:37 a.m. said:

Rebecca Monaco

I'd compare the style to the Lunar Chronicles - wide in coverage and importance in the book's world but still giving a close-up on the emotions and motivations of each of the characters.

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JessicaMDawn on July 15, 2017, 2:33 a.m. said:


All of the characters have importance and a voice. You care about them. Each character is different and special. There's enough mystery to keep you interested and the relationships between characters build naturally from stranger to friend to possibly more. I love the plot twists and parallels.

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