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Two households, both alike in money and power,
Seattle royalty, if such a thing exists.
Romans and Marcellos
Good and evil.
Black and White.

When Audrey Marcello and Bry Roman meet up the summer after their first year away at college, even their best friends can’t keep them apart. Roman and Marcello are drawn together physically, emotionally, and dangerously. When sparks fly between Bry and Audrey, both realize there’s a connection deeper than either can remember.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, stolen memories that have haunted their dreams begin to play out before them. The closer they get to knowing what happened, the darker the secrets and the deeper the pain.

Can either truly win this family war? To win they will have to remember why they’re playing in the first place.


  • 69119 words
  • About 276 pages
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