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Reimagining Joe


Nearly killed by a crashing alien spacecraft, 16-year-old Joe is rebuilt and returned to Earth to make a new life as a new person. The aliens are not wholly altruistic. They give him with a mission, a message hidden in his new bones, which he must hide from rival aliens. The aliens leave him with a receiver in his bones to detect them and their rivals. They also give him the ability to call on panic strength in times of crisis.
While he waits to complete his mission, he must rebuild his life while hiding that he is older than his apparent age. He is taken in by a family and learns to play jazz piano.
His new life is complicated by the CIA who know there's something strange about him. The agent they send to entrap him grows to like Joe. Will the CIA help him complete his mission and be free of the aliens or use him for research?


  • 57384 words
  • About 230 pages
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