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Raven of the Dead


The war between the gods, mortals, magicians, and demons ravaged Kradera. Thousands were killed on both sides, but the mortals, magicians, and gods were successful in locking the demons away in the demon realm Vardu.

But the demons were not the only ones locked away in their own realm. The gods were as well, a deal struck with their children, the magicians. For a thousand years they stood back and watched as the mortal realm flourished without the threat of demons, but they knew someday the peace would end.

With the demons gone eight kingdoms were created, each one ruled by a magician. As the years passed on the demons were reduced to a scary story to tell children to get them to behave. But the demons didn't forget, they waited until they could return to the mortal realm once more.

And that day has come.


  • 87955 words
  • About 352 pages
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