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Queen Slayer


Katerina was sold to the kingdom of Amare, by her evil step-mother, the new Queen of Mortem. It has been five years, and enough is enough, Katerina is finally ready to fight for her home, her kingdom. Katerina goes to her young and handsome Prince of a husband, a man she was sold to at a young age, for help, astonishingly he agrees. But when she wakes in the middle of the night, to men in uniform grabbing her, being told she is a traitor, things change. All alone, locked in a dungeon, Kat makes friends with the unexpected: seven fae from across the sea. With new found friends, will Katerina be able to take back her kingdom or lose her life, and her loves life in the process?


  • 79375 words
  • About 318 pages
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