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Queen of the Darklings


Persephone is the child of Zeus and his mistress Demeter, a princess with no claim to the throne. She is also one of the most powerful Lightling Elves since Gaea herself. All her life she was told that she could have the freedom her other siblings were not granted, she was not needed for court life, she could come and go as she pleased. But that changes when her father reveals that she is to marry the King of the Darkling Elves and become her father's spy in enemy territory.

Hades never imagined marrying someone for political reasons, and he knows that Zeus is up to something, but it is either marry the princess or start a war that he does not want. The longer Persephone is in the Darkling court the more she realizes that she was mistrustful of the wrong people and that her father has a much bigger plan than he let on.


  • 82125 words
  • About 329 pages
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